Obtained ISO certification

Obtained ISO9001:2000 certification ISO‚Ƃ́H

Abbreviation of International Organization for Standardization
The reason why the name of the standard is "ISO" instead of "IOS", is said to be that "ISO" is from "isos" meaning "equivalent" in Greek.
ISO was established in 1947 in order to promote standardization of industrial rules by making their rules to be commonly applied in each country worldwide so that every one is able to follow the same rules.
For past several years in Japan, globalization of JIS in accordance with ISO has been promoted according to the JIS global harmonization plan made by the government's policy "easing of regulations (established in March 31, 1995.)

Standard of quality certification, and ISO9000

Quality control conducted in Europe and the United States is to indentify purchasers' needs and establish the quality assurance standard based on their needs so that suppliers should be able to follow the standard.

Quality policy

Making our motto focus on offering quality products with reasonable cost to customers, we are aiming to become a reliable company by offering satisfactory products in a short delivery period.

Quality policy

We make our all the employee to know the quality policy stated above for increasing the awareness about quality maintenance.

Masahiro Ishida
Representative Director and President
September 1, 2016