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Head office factory{ЍH@O

ISO9001 certified factory
This is a main factory having the following 2 production lines for western area of Japan: A line for processing a great number of wide range products such as PL (including wide and long products.) and a line for straightening deformed small-lot products, which is troublesome, including large steels and thin materials (2.3mm). SUS processing line was moved from Ako factory to start processing under the control of head office.

Site area 11,880 square meters
Building area 5,817 square meters (A- and B-buildings SUS Buildings No.1 and No.2)
Processing building C-building: 390 square meters
Loading and unloading facilities Overhead traveling crane: 10t / 2 cranes, 7.5t / 1 crane, 4.8t / 5 cranes, 2.8t / 10 cranes
Gantry crane: 2.8t / 2 cranes
Jib crane: 2.8t / 1 crane
Processing facilities 2 shot blasting and primer lines
A-building: 6t ~ 3,400W ~ 25,00L ~ 500H
B-building: 2.3t ~ 2,440W ~ 25,000L ~ 900H
C-building: 1 steel cutting equipment, 1 set of paint equipment
3 SUS pipe internal shot blasting lines
Product line PL, H, L and FB pipes , Stainless pipe
Processing ability Monthly production: 12,000t
{ЍH 摜
Airplane From Hiroshima airport 15min by car
JR shinkansen From JR Mihara station 30min by car
JR Sanyo line From JR Hongo station 10min by car
Sanyo expressway From Hongo IC 15min by car
8827-1 Minamigata, Hongo-cho, Mihara, Hiroshima
TEL: +81-848-86-6363
FAX: +81-848-86-6714

Head office factory