Primary processing for bridges (U steel rib)l

Available services

After application of shot blasting and primer coating, the materials are processed according to the customer's specification.
This allows us to deliver completed parts to the customer.
The only work that the customer has to do is to install the parts at their shop, realizing reduction in the cost by reducing working process and improvement of the quality.


From cutting to press bending

Steel plates supplied by the customer are cut into the specified size and then bent with the press bending machine.

From boring/groove creation to welding

Grooves and bolt holes are created according to the customer's supplied drawing.
Temporarily assembled diaphragms are welded.
Beads after the welding are checked and spatters are removed.
Welding scales are removed with a grinder and then polished.

From finishing to delivery

Finishing such as round chamfering and light-chamfering and in-house inspection are performed for delivery.
Primer for welding line, etc. can be removed as an option.

Please do not hesitate contacting us for metal-surface treatment, shot blasting, etc.